Smart Recovery for Family & Friends

SMART Recoery for Family and Friends Mental Health and Addiction Services of Ottawa
Smart Recovery Meeting at Mental Health and Addiction Services of Ottawa

Are you struggling with how to help someone with drug addiction, alcohol abuse, or other addictive behaviors? SMART Recovery would like to provide you with the resources you can use to help yourself, as well your loved one. SMART Recovery Family & Friends helps those who are affected by the substance abuse, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, or other addictions of a loved one. SMART Recovery Family & Friends is a science-based, secular alternative Interventions. Our method is based on the tools of SMART Recovery and CRAFT (Community Reinforcement Approach & Family Training).

About the Program:

  • Support & Education for Family Members & Friends

  • How to Increase the Likelihood of Recovery for the Addicted Individual

  • 14 Separate Modules, Each a Stand Alone Unit

  • Achieve Emotional & Behavioural Balance for Self

  • Improve Interpersonal Environment for Addicted Loved Ones

  • Uses CRAFT: Community Reinforcement & Family Training Approach (evidence based approach)

SMART Recovery Meetings for Family & Friends are open to the Public. There is no cost to attend, however a $10 donation is appreciated. You do not need to contact the facilitator or register prior to attending; you are welcome to just show up (unless there is a note requesting attendees call first). If you do have questions about the meeting or need further information, you may contact Raymond Walli at 613-225-7272 or For more information on Smart Recovery and their programs please visit

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